Where you can find my work, out there in the world... 

Iggyart @ High Cotton, Apalachicola, Florida
    A great space in downtown Apalachicola, this bricks-and-mortar gallery doubles as my studio (and an occasional music venue!). Located along historic Water Street, in the former Weffings Marine Store, the gallery has a fantastic outdoor patio, with nearby food and watering-hole gems, live music within applause range from the door, and a great coastal vibe. Visit our facebook page for events. OH, and there's lots of art, too - plus cards, buttons, magnets, t-shirts and more. 

The Hive in Phoenix, AZ
     This great gallery in Phoenix is located on 16th street. Never the same twice, The Hive and The Bee's Knees is always changing and evolving. Julia Fournier and Stephen Helfrich run these two spaces and when I get there, I never want to leave. Julia collects and sells second-hand clothing and housewares at The Bee's Knees, and together they run the art gallery, the Hive. I've been part of their art space for about three years. I believe these are two of the most wonderful people who walk the earth. Please go meet them if you are in Phoenix, and see how good you feel when you leave. 

I'm truly grateful for the visitors and patrons I get to meet throughout my days in Apalachicola, and beyond. I look forward to meeting you!